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Signal Conditioning Capability:

The modular architecture of the DTX-9000 design supports a wide variety of programmable signal conditioning modules which can be intermixed to satisfy the most demanding test requirements. Available modules include strain amplifiers with voltage excitation and internal bridge completion, linearized thermocouple amplifiers with cold-junction compensation, frequency-to-voltage converters with dual input pulse conditioners for both signal and direction sensing, constant current sources with TEDS capability, high impedance charge amplifiers and differential instrumentation amplifiers with 350V common mode capability.

Solutions for a Multitude of Transducer Configurations
Strain Conditioners
The DTX-5078 and DTX-6078 are four-channel, programmable gain, differential input amplifiers that provide signal conditioning for bridge type transducers. In addition to analog signal amplification, each independent channel includes bridge completion, input offset bias compensation, voltage excitation with remote sense capability, local or remote shunt calibration, digital signal processing with programmable filtering, and output buffering.

Instrumentation Amplifiers

The DTX-53xx and DTX-63xx series of instrumentation amplifiers are low noise, high accuracy amplifiers with differential inputs, which may be either AC or DC coupled. Unique to the DTX-5312 and DTX-6312 are integral input attenuators extending the input signal voltage range to ±350V.

IEPE (Constant Current) w/TEDS

The DTX-5290 and DTX-6290 are four-channel signal conditioners for ICP, ISOTRON, or other types of transducers that require constant current excitation. Multiple input stages are used to optimize performance across an extended gain-bandwidth beyond the range of simpler designs. A programmable constant current source provides power to the input sensor, and the return signal (which appears as a varying voltage on the same line) is amplified and processed into a ±10V output signal. Each channel is configured as an AC coupled amplifier with programmable gain capable of converting sensor signals as low as 5mV (peak) into a ±10V output voltage.

Linearized Thermocouple Conditioners
The DTX-5120 Signal Conditioner is a four-channel module that provides voltage amplification, non-linearity correction, and cold junction compensation for multiple thermocouple types. Incorporating a “lookup” table approach for real time signal correction, any transducer signal can be converted real time into equivalent engineering units. Correction tables for common thermocouple types and ranges are integrated into each DTX-5120 module. Although designed for the linearization of thermocouple inputs with cold junction compensation, the flexible configuration of the DTX-5120 amplifier provides the ability for dynamic sensor calibration, including temperature compensation, when utilizing the cold junction temperature sensor to monitor transducer temperature.

Frequency to Voltage Converters
The DTX-5636 is a programmable four-channel dual-input Frequency to Voltage converter that provides signal conditioning for frequency output transducers. This includes magnetic pickups, optical encoders, and other rotation or position-sensing devices. The input pulses are converted to a filtered DC output voltage between 0 and ±10V, based on the input frequency, the user-selected Hz/V conversion factor, and the direction of rotation.

Multi-Mode Conditioners
The DTX-5492 and DTX-6492 Multi-Mode conditioners combine the features and functional capability of DC/AC coupled instrumentation amplifiers, IEPE signal conditioners with TEDS interface, thermocouple linearization, non-linear transfer functions, programmable voltage excitation with remote sense, programmable constant current excitation, and input offset balance compensation, all into a single four-channel module. These Multi-Mode modules provide flexibility for test scenarios where the number and type of transducers are either not known prior to test setup or are regularly reconfigured for different test paradigms.

Acquisition Modules

The DTX-5500 modules are four-channel programmable gain input buffers with low noise, high accuracy differential inputs, which may be either AC or DC coupled. These modules provided equivalent functionality to the DTX-890/AC modules utilized in the DataMAX DTX-3P series of portable recorders and DTX-9R, 15R series of rack mount recorders.

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