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DataMAX was designed to replace obsolete analog tape recorder capabilities and upgrade DAT recorders for a more expandable and user friendly capability. The touch and feel of the DataMAX recorder is very much like a tape recorder. When the system power is turned on it defaults to the last setup, and live channel/system data is displayed on the monitor screen. Click on the Record button and you are acquiring data. Features include a visual representation of remaining record time, along with convient data replay, analysis, and export when acquisition is completed.

With this approach, R.C. Electronics has accomplished a bandwidth that rivals or exceeds a custom, stand alone instrument recorder. Each processor has a throughput rate of over 8MS (16 Mbytes) to the data system hard drives, with no degradation of performance or dropouts.

  • PC Based
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Standard ISA & PCI Processor
  • Board Front End Individual Channels
  • Digital Filtering
  • Timing Error <40 Nano Secs
  • Bandwidth Exceeds Custom Stand Alone Recorders
  • Throughput over 8MS
  • Maintain Throughput even on Systems with 1000 Channels
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