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DTX-9417 Integrated Signal Conditioning Data Recorder           






The DTX-9000 series of data acquisition systems provide state-of-the-art signal processing for a variety of environmental test sensors along with embedded wideband data recording in a compact chassis. A comprehensive user GUI running on the embedded Windows OS can be used locally with the addition of a user keyboard, mouse and video terminal, or run remotely via the integrated Ethernet connection.

Key Features
Comprehensive Graphical User Interface for ease of operation

The control panel GUI allows intuitive access to all signal conditioning parameters and ease of recording control through the “recording manager”. Control chassis level functions, such as Record, Load, Save and Calibrate with a single click, or adjust individual channel conditioning parameters through an expanded window.

Local or remote operation with key lockout feature
Software drivers allow for ease of integration of all conditioner setup and recording functions into turn key user solutions. All parameters can be initialized through a simple set of command line instructions or loaded from a preset spreadsheet configuration file.

Synchronous data recording/monitoring at remote workstations

The use of standard Ethernet TCP/IP networking allows Monitor and Control Workstations to be located at physically separate locations limited only by available networking hardware and bandwidth requirements.

64 channels in a standard 5U rack mount chassis
The DTX-9417 chassis contains all of the input and output connections required to support up to 64 channels of data acquisition along with four additional IO ports for user customization.


Synchronous expansion to 1280+ channels
Any chassis may be used as a Master Clock and Synchronous Trigger source by connecting the Clock and Sync BNC output connectors to the corresponding input Clock and Sync BNC connectors of all Slave chassis with standard coaxial cabling. No special cards or wiring harnesses are required for interconnection.
DC to 800 kHz analog bandwidth (2 MHz sampling)
The use of 16X over-sampling delta-sigma A/D converters combined with front end anti-alias filter protection and a dedicated DSP per channel optimize signal bandwidth recording capabilities.

Local and remote data storage with redundant drives
DataMAX monitor/review software can be loaded to multiple workstations for real time monitoring of input signal activity or review of previously recorded data.

Removable storage media for secure or other sensitive applications
The DTX-9417 chassis configuration utilizes removable drive cartridges for both operational program and recorded data files. Removing the drive cartridge “cleans” the device of all storage media while allowing for secure transfer and control of sensitive data files.

Automated Multi-Mode signal conditioning modules
Multi-Mode signal conditioning modules handle multiple transducer types within a single module. This provides extra flexibility for test scenarios where the number and type of transducers are either not known prior to test setup or are regularly reconfigured for different test paradigms.

Analog signal outputs for ancillary monitor or analysis functions
Each conditioned and digitized signal is continuously reconstructed as a buffered analog output, which is available for monitoring or analysis with additional instrumentation.
Enhanced features

The flexible architecture and parallel computing power of the DTX-9000 series lends itself to a multitude of extras built upon R.C. Electronics past 28 years of experience in building high end instrumentation.

Voice memo and marker annotation

IRIG B time code embedded within recorded data

Variable sample rates per channel

Fault tolerant design with isolated channels (single input amp, A/D, and DSP per channel)

Redundant power supply and drive configurations

Front panel Status and Signal Overload LED indicators

Compact, rugged 6 side shielded signal conditioning modules

External trigger and clock synchronization for up to 1280 channels

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