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Display Capability:

Integration with the complete suite of display utilities provides real time monitoring of data recording to verify signal integrity during any phase of a test sequence. Local displays along with multiple remote monitor stations can be easily configured to match multiple signal types. Quickly load preset display configurations or dynamically change windows (view screen shot) during test for detailed viewing.

Real Time Visualization of Conditioned Signals and Recorded Data
Bar & Logarithmic Graphs
As an alternative to displaying an individual channel waveform in a window, you may choose to represent the digitized data in a real time linear or logarithmic bar graph format. This type of display lets you easily compare relative voltages between multiple channels. In addition, each bar has two red Peak Hold lines, which indicate the maximum and minimum voltages that have occurred for that channel over all previous sweeps, or since the Peak Hold lines were last reset.

Power Spectral Density (PSD) Displays
Power Spectral Density (PSD) displays provide a quick-look spectral analysis utilizing a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Analysis results can be displayed utilizing either linear or logarithmic axes scaled from 0 to –100 dB. For both display types, the maximum x-axis is automatically set to ½ of the current sample rate (Nyquist frequency).

Mutiple Channel Overlays

Any number of data channels and display types can be merged onto a single display window for comparative viewing. In addition to automated stacking, merge, and overlay options for time domain graphics displays, digital measurements may also be merged with either fixed or scalable font sizing.

Digital Multi-Meter
The Digital Multi-Meter display option is a numeric readout for the selected channel including DC (mean), AC (rms), and AC (p-p) voltage measurements. Either voltage values or scaled engineering units may be selected.

Time History Display
The Time History display feature offers the ability to review a complete recording session in a single graphics window without the time delays associated with large file access. During the acquisition process, the software creates a compressed “history file” representing the entire recorded signal in a condensed format. This reduced file can then be accessed quickly for an overview of signal activity, inclusive of any event markers, with rapid access to expanded display windows.

Dual Cursors for Data Analysis and Export to Excel

Dual Cursors are available to control measurement functions in both the Waveform Display and Power Spectral Density windows. When Dual Cursors are selected, the current window is automatically enlarged to the maximum size to allow detailed viewing and placement of cursors. At any time, a single click can be used to export measurement values to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Data Export with IRIG Sync Option
Export utilities allow you to save any selected portion of a recorded data file in Binary, ASCII or other common data formats. Individual channels may be selectively included or excluded from the exported data file. Additional capabilities include data decimation with matched low pass filtering to prevent aliasing, and the ability to time sync data to any recorded IRIG B channel.

Save and Load Custom Displays
Multiple user-defined display configurations can be stored for quick access from a drop down menu.

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