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DTX-9000 Integrated Signal Conditioning Data Recorder           






Setup and operation of a DTX-9000 series Signal Conditioning Data Recorder is designed to be intuitive and easy to use without compromising either performance or more advanced system configuration requirements.

From Sensor Selection to Data Recording
Select the conditioning modules to match your transducer type
Select from the range of specialized DTX-5000/DTX-6000 conditioning modules to match your sensor type, or choose one of the multi-function modules. Install the selected modules into any available slot within the DTX-9000 chassis by simply sliding them in until seated in the backplane interconnect.

Links to Modules:

DTX-5078 Strain Conditioners
DTX-5120 Linearized Thermocouple
DTX-5290 IEPE Conditioners
DTX-5312 Instrumentation Amplifier
DTX-5492 Multi-Mode Conditioner
DTX-5636 Frequency to Voltage

Wire your sensor to the appropriate mating connector
Use the mating connectors provided with each module to directly interface sensor signal leads to the chassis using simplied wiring diagrams, or select one of the pre-wired interfacing connector options (LEMO to BNC, LEMO to pigtail, etc.)

Power on the chassis

Powering on the DTX-9000 chassis will bring up an operational GUI showing all installed module types, location, and current operational status.

Click on any channel to open single channel setup GUI
Clicking on any channel position on the main panel GUI will present a graphical representation of the sensor conditioner, allowing direct control of all parameters.

Or, download a preset test configuration from an Excel spreadsheet
All configuration parameters used to define a test setup can be stored or saved as an Excel spreadsheet.

Save recording configuration to filename of your choice

Save the current operational status to create a recording file which includes all sensor conditioner parameters embedded with recorded data, or load a previously saved configuration.

Press Record and monitor data recording

Press Record and monitor data recording


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