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Each DataMAX system involves extensive assembly, burn-in, calibration, and stability testing that normally requires a minimum of two weeks to accomplish. This results in channel and system calibrations, and tables, which are applied each time the system power is turned on. Calibration labs can verify and certify these values with a minimum of effort. There are no manual systems controls the user can adjust to invalidate system calibration.

The DataMAX recorder operates with a Windows operating system and also uses the Windows Socket, standard TCP/IP Ethernet protocol, for remote control/ monitoring, setup, and real time data transfer and multiple monitoring stations and locations.

DataMAX recorders are especially useful and economical for combining independent systems for large scale multiple channel testing or for separate use in different locations and facilities. This is accomplished with R.C. Electronics optional multi chassis fiber optics link. Linking multiple chassis/ processors together does not downgrade the system capabilities.

A unique, multiple location data storage device is available, both internal and external to the DataMAX recorder. This allows simultaneous recording to internal and external hard disk drives (HDD), “Mirrored Recording”, via Ethernet locations.

The redundant recording does not decrease the throughput capacities of the recorder. This is very desirable when the primary recorder is located in a hazardous area. The real time data is inserted onto the Ethernet in 10 or 100 millisecond swipes. The last 10 or 100 milliseconds of data acquired will survive if the recorder is lost. This is also a good method of recording data simply because the data will be located in the remote control computer hard drive and will not require transfer time to the master computer used for analysis and data control.

Options for the DataMAX recorders make the system a complete data acquisition system. These include standard video input cards, 16 channel digital logic/state/event input cards, TTL event input/output control cards, chassis/chassis synchronization/ control cards, RAID systems and mirrored local/remote simultaneous data storage locations for data redundancy.

  • Recording Flexibility
  • Real Time Monitor and Measure
  • Playback and Analysis
  • Setup, Configuration, Flexibility, and Backup
  • Network Ready
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